“Our professionalism is our guarantee”

Our team:


With a high musical and interpretative level, professionally dedicated to music and with an artistic background that guarantees our professionalism.


Specialized in writing jingles, soundtracks, music for theatre and films, musical arrangements and modern music.


That are well-known and have great experience in the field, performances, prize-giving, presentations…


Of flamenco, traditional dance, sardanas, contemporary dance, belly or African dance.


Of every style, from pure Funk to commercial music.


Specialised in creating unique atmospheres, with projections that constantly change with the music.

Sound and lighting

A team of professionals are in charge of providing the perfect light and sound.

Musical coaches

Help develop team work in any company with entertaining workshops on gospel, orchestra, percussion, musical theatre or musical-therapy.

Creative minds

That advise our client on their best option in order to create concerts or performances according to their own necessities.


That make the day of the event just perfect. They are the main part, as they help the client, and also the artist, feel comfortable.

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