Live music

“Music made to order for your event”

Live music is an essential element for any type of social or business event. Make your event better and surprise your guests so they don’t feel indifferent.

Voice and piano

Soprano and piano
Classical repertory

Jazz band

Guitar, piano, double basso, drums
Jazz, Swing, Bossa nova


Classical repertory

Jazz duet

Jazz duet
Jazz, Blues

Classic guitar

Spanish guitar
Classical repertory

Bossa nova

Guitar with voice and percussion
Bossa nova

Renaissance ensemble

Guitar and voice
Ancient music

Piano man

Free Jazz

Flute quartet

Four flutes
Classical repertory


Voice and guitar
Singer-writer music

String quartet

Two violins, viola, violoncello
Classical repertory

Flamenco duet

Guitar and flute

Chamber orchestra

String orchestra
Classical repertory

Flamenco group

Guitar, flute, flamenco cajon drum, violoncello, flamenco singer,  flamenco dancers


Mix choir
Classical repertory

Dance orchestra

Voice, piano, guitar, sax, trumpet
Dance repertory (boleros, tangos, pop versions…)

Traditional music

Violin and diatonic accordion
Traditional European

Pop group

Two singers, guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drums
National and international pop music

Gospel group

Mix choir



“We have these and other groups, tell us about your project and we will let you know”

In Marmúsica we have a guarantee of more than 20 years of experience, working around Spain and Europe.

The wide range of musical possibilities that we offer our clients makes Marmúsica one of the most versatile companies in the market.

We cannot forget the importance of impeccable musical quality. For this reason we only use the best professional musicians with full time dedication to their profession.

Listen to our groups with recordings specially made for Marmúsica. Go to musical styles or check our Audio player.

In addition to all the groups you can see here, we have a wide range of musicians.Contact us if you don’t find your ideal group and we will get it for you.

We will make a quotation for you with a range of options.

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