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MARMÚSICA loves live music, is the reason becouse it takes it to bars and other. No mater if the bar is big or small, the main think is the fact that they love live music and Marmúsica gives them the best cualitiy of musicians to make it real. Our music staff can play either Jazz, pop, Classical… it’s being so far a big success

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Marmúsica at IFEMA, Madrid 2014

As in previous years , MARMÚSICA was with Irizar at the International Fair of the Bus and Coach, which was take place from 28th to 30th October in Madrid, in IFEMA.

MARMÚSICA offered tu the event, the elegant and musical touch that characterized us. Our presence enlivened the Irizar stand with live jazz quartet, which helped to get a good atmosphere among participants, during the days of the event. This got that Irizar differentiate and stand out among participants and favored the success of the tandem MARMÚSICAIrizar.

MARMÚSICA consolidated company remains a leader in our sector. Our presence, once again, at the International Fair of the Bus and Coach is further evidence of this.

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Carlos Dusica

Again, MARMÚSICA was the emotions essence in the event of love par excellence.

On September 13, Carlos and Dusica decided to count with MARMÚSICA for all the musical moments of their wedding.

The ceremony was a wonderful moment with live piano and voice music as Mendelssohn’s wedding march and the famous Jazz theme Cheek to cheek.

Tobby, our great MC wasted no detail of the couple, taking care of all the little ones, and during the Cocktail, one of our best Spanish guitarists played unforgettable classical music for all the guests

Laura and Victor, production and technical MARMÚSICA staff were outstanding all the time, with timings and equipment and, of course, next to Ruben, definitely the best Dj statewide luxury weddings and corporate events senior.

It was a wonderful production to work with and from our blog we like to share with you the opinion of Carlos and Dusica

 It went very well and we and the guests won’t forget an unforgettable wedding. Everyone really enjoyed it and we received greetings from all the guests about the good ceremony (Music and MC) as well as good music session during the dance. We are very grateful for your work and would not hesitate to work with you again!

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Concierto Marmúsica Madrid

Inaguration of Marmúsica in Madrid with a symphonic music concert

Live music in Madrid has since the middle of last March with a reference name: Marmusica. The presentation of the company in the capital featured a performance of the prestigious orchestra of Marmusica. The young performers played under the energetic baton of maestro Edgar Martin Jimenez, violinist and conductor of long career, and general manager of Marmúsica in Madrid. The concert, which took place at the Hotel Auditorium Madrid, had a program composed symphonic works of great composers of classical music.

Part One:

-F. Mendelssohn: “Hebrides Overture”

-M. Bruch: Double Concerto for Clarinet and Viola

Second part:

-P.L. Tchaickovsky: Symphony No. 5

Marmusica could not have a card of higher quality music. The evening was a success. Both the young performers and the conductor received a standing at the end of the concert.

The presence of Marmusica in Madrid wants to become a leading company of live music in this city, as it is in many others. The main objective is to offer also in Madrid event services of the highest quality, both for businesses and social events. For this Marmusica has excellent musicians of all styles, as well as professionalism guaranteed for twenty years’ experience dedicated to quality live music.

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Entrevista televisiva a Mar Vizoso

TV interview with Mar Vizoso, Marmúsica director

Btv,  Barcelona TV channel, did an interesting interview with Mar Vizoso, Marmúsica director.

In Marmúsica we intend to continue working and growing up to remain  the company of  live music for events  that leads the market in order to keep on offering high quality services for companies and for social ceremonies. Proof of this is the interest we awake, not only by our customers but also by the media.

The backdrop of the interview was such a special place as descriptive of the essence of Marmúsica: the sea.

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Marmúsica - IFEMA

Marmúsica at IFEMA, Madrid

More and more companies choose to offer to their customers the experience of enjoy live music at fairs and conventions for its many advantages, among which we emphasize the fact attract attention, arouse interest and create an atmosphere that is prone to give distinction for the optimal development of the aims of the event.

Marmúsica is an established company in our sector. Its presence at the  International Bus and Coach Trade Fair is further proof of that. The FIAA 2012 was held at IFEMA, Madrid,  from 23 to 26 October.

Marmúsica was bringing live music every day on the stand of Irizar, a prestigious business group  whose main activity is the design, manufacturing and provision of buses and coaches.

Our elegant and stylish Jazz quartet was a perfect background that helped to promote the success, get distinguish and differentiate Irizar, providing a nice and classy atmosphere.

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Hotel Miramar - Marmúsica

Marmúsica at Hotel Miramar

Since last June, the luxurious Hotel Miramar in Barcelona has been celebrating a magical musical evenings in its spectacular terrace on a weekly basis.

In this unique setting, located in the Montjuic area, there have been many people who have enjoyed pleasant summer nights in the company of the best live music provided by Marmúsica.

The musical program was:

-Every Thursday singer-songwriter, guitar and vocals, something just lovely.

-On Friday a performance of our Jazz guitarist,  sublime and seductive chords.

-On Saturday, our tenor saxophonist has been commissioned to liven up the evening playing  Jazz and Bossa Nova.

Unfortunately  the  summer´s beginning  to fade away and Marmúsica leaves these precious nights of live music in the Hotel Miramar, hope you have been liked by all who have been able to attend.

We wish to see you soon!

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Marmúsica _Bodas

Personalized music for a wedding full of surprises

The dream of turning your wedding into an unforgettable experience is common to all couples who want to get married, so we want to talk about something that is fashionable nowadays, not only at weddings.  It´s the fact of creating, surprisingly, environments, situations, special and unique atmospheres.

Transforming a situation from unnoticed to magical and unforgettable is as simple as leaving it in professionals´ hands like the team of Marmúsica.

Ideas such as beauty, fantasy, elegance and distinction can´t miss on your wedding day. What better than draw on musical art professionals to achieve your dream and  surprise the fiancé or the fiancée and thrill your family and friends.

We take this opportunity to suggest ideas that are very popular:

-Hire a tenor who blends unobtrusively with your guests and make he stands up and sing La Traviata by Verdi, for example, at the cake and dessert time.

– Can you imagine one of our actors playing the role of “joker waiter” at the banquet? A sense of humor is not at odds with fashion, this kind of performance gives very good results and great fun.

-You can also tell us what kind of music do you prefer and we´ll bring you a band of your liking so you can surprise everyone.

-Another option is create custom songs that fits you ,in Marmúsica we have a team of composers and lyricists who are able to make a song of your love story.

Our desire is to create happiness, join you and make an unforgettable wedding. That’s why we are open to hear all your ideas and suggestions, the idea is to do it together, customized for you.

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CA Technologies & Marmúsica

CA Tecnologies & Marmúsica, an exceptional evening

In Marmúsica we´re celebrating the resounding success in collaboration with the prestigious american multinational company CA Technologies, dedicated to the field of new technologies, in an exceptional event.

The CLIENT REFERENCE THE DAY, a private act of the company CA Technologies, was held at the Casa América in Madrid and basically consisted of a welcome cocktail, a concert of classical and baroque music by the Orchestra of Marmúsica and Gala dinner.

The concert was held in the Amphitheater of the Casa América and the repertoire for the occasion was as follows:

Concerto in Gm – A. VIVALDI

- Allegro molto

- Andante

- Allegro

Aria in D – J.S. BACH

Divertimento in F – W.A. MOZART

- Allegro

- Andante

- Presto

“La musica notturna di Madrid” – L. BOCCHERINI

- Ave María e Minuetto dei ciechi

- Rosario

- Los Manolos

- La retirata

Palladio – K. JENKINS

- Allegro

After this very special participation, we´re once again consolidated as a company leader in live music for events. We appreciate the trust that our valued customers provide us.

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Marmúsica_Meetings&Events_Camp Nou

Marmúsica at the Camp Nou for Meetings&Events gala

On Thursday 10 May, was held at the Camp Nou, a spectacular gala in order to inform to the world of business about the new offer to host events and acts for companies and individuals. The event, organized by the Department of Meetings & Events of F.C.Barcelona, was attended by over 450 people who enjoyed a cocktail, a gala dinner, entertainment, staging areas, sets and a tour that has shown the audience the different alternatives offered by the Club for the holding of  acts and events. Marmúsica was part of the event, enjoying the show and providing a brilliant live performance by one of our bands that played an excellent repertoire of the best hits from funk and soul artists like Aretha Franklin.

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Marmusica consolidates it’s position in congresses animation

Marmúsica participated in the fifth edition of the International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2012), which was held at the International Convention Centre of Barcelona (CCIB) from 8 to February 11, organizing a flamenco show for the welcome party to the attendees.

Participants at the conference, mostly foreigners, were simply delighted with the art and “salero” that showed the “bailaor” and the “bailaora” and also with the performance of the rest of the group, consisting of “cajón” (drum), guitar and “cantaor” (flamenco singer).

A success. And a further step in Marmúsica’s consolidation as a reference partner for entertainment and musical ambientation in seminars, fairs and congresses.

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The most beautiful music for your wedding (II): the cocktail

In this moment of the celebration, after the ceremony, the newlyweds are usually very busy: everyone claims to congratulate them in person, and almost certainly the photographer will do the same to capture the joy of the moment and fix it for posterity. In other words, they do not usually have time to do much snack or pay attention to the music that is playing.

Other thing are guests. Arrive and be welcomed with a live performance, even if it’s only ambient music, helps breaking the ice with the rest of the people and brings warmth to the stage.

As always, there are many alternatives as tastes. In Marmúsica, for example, we have entertained wedding cocktails with all kinds of styles and musical groups. The most popular are classical guitar, jazz duet (guitar and sax or transverse flute), bossa nova duet (vocals, guitar and percussion) and the complete jazz band (a quartet of guitar, piano, bass and drums). Versatile options that allow variety of repertoire, from jazz, swing or blues to bossa nova. Another option, also highly recommended for its flexibility in terms of repertoire, is the piano man.

But we have also attended less frequent requests: a group of Cuban music, a singer-songwriter, folk and traditional music, a gospel group… and anything you can imagine. Because at the end the thing is to fit the tastes and desires of those who marry. And we always find the means to satisfying them.

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