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Carlos Dusica

Again, MARMÚSICA was the emotions essence in the event of love par excellence.

On September 13, Carlos and Dusica decided to count with MARMÚSICA for all the musical moments of their wedding.

The ceremony was a wonderful moment with live piano and voice music as Mendelssohn’s wedding march and the famous Jazz theme Cheek to cheek.

Tobby, our great MC wasted no detail of the couple, taking care of all the little ones, and during the Cocktail, one of our best Spanish guitarists played unforgettable classical music for all the guests

Laura and Victor, production and technical MARMÚSICA staff were outstanding all the time, with timings and equipment and, of course, next to Ruben, definitely the best Dj statewide luxury weddings and corporate events senior.

It was a wonderful production to work with and from our blog we like to share with you the opinion of Carlos and Dusica

 It went very well and we and the guests won’t forget an unforgettable wedding. Everyone really enjoyed it and we received greetings from all the guests about the good ceremony (Music and MC) as well as good music session during the dance. We are very grateful for your work and would not hesitate to work with you again!

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Personalized music for a wedding full of surprises

The dream of turning your wedding into an unforgettable experience is common to all couples who want to get married, so we want to talk about something that is fashionable nowadays, not only at weddings.  It´s the fact of creating, surprisingly, environments, situations, special and unique atmospheres.

Transforming a situation from unnoticed to magical and unforgettable is as simple as leaving it in professionals´ hands like the team of Marmúsica.

Ideas such as beauty, fantasy, elegance and distinction can´t miss on your wedding day. What better than draw on musical art professionals to achieve your dream and  surprise the fiancé or the fiancée and thrill your family and friends.

We take this opportunity to suggest ideas that are very popular:

-Hire a tenor who blends unobtrusively with your guests and make he stands up and sing La Traviata by Verdi, for example, at the cake and dessert time.

– Can you imagine one of our actors playing the role of “joker waiter” at the banquet? A sense of humor is not at odds with fashion, this kind of performance gives very good results and great fun.

-You can also tell us what kind of music do you prefer and we´ll bring you a band of your liking so you can surprise everyone.

-Another option is create custom songs that fits you ,in Marmúsica we have a team of composers and lyricists who are able to make a song of your love story.

Our desire is to create happiness, join you and make an unforgettable wedding. That’s why we are open to hear all your ideas and suggestions, the idea is to do it together, customized for you.

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The most beautiful music for your wedding (II): the cocktail

In this moment of the celebration, after the ceremony, the newlyweds are usually very busy: everyone claims to congratulate them in person, and almost certainly the photographer will do the same to capture the joy of the moment and fix it for posterity. In other words, they do not usually have time to do much snack or pay attention to the music that is playing.

Other thing are guests. Arrive and be welcomed with a live performance, even if it’s only ambient music, helps breaking the ice with the rest of the people and brings warmth to the stage.

As always, there are many alternatives as tastes. In Marmúsica, for example, we have entertained wedding cocktails with all kinds of styles and musical groups. The most popular are classical guitar, jazz duet (guitar and sax or transverse flute), bossa nova duet (vocals, guitar and percussion) and the complete jazz band (a quartet of guitar, piano, bass and drums). Versatile options that allow variety of repertoire, from jazz, swing or blues to bossa nova. Another option, also highly recommended for its flexibility in terms of repertoire, is the piano man.

But we have also attended less frequent requests: a group of Cuban music, a singer-songwriter, folk and traditional music, a gospel group… and anything you can imagine. Because at the end the thing is to fit the tastes and desires of those who marry. And we always find the means to satisfying them.

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